Running update: Sole of the City 10k Training

So believe it or not, I’m still running. This April it will be a year since I started running.

I’ve done 3 5k races and 2 5 mile races in that time. If you asked me at this time last year if this was even possible I would have said no.

Starting on Feb 21st (actually Feb 20th as I was home in Detroit for a bridal shower) I started a 10k training program with Charm City Run in Baltimore, targeting the Sole of the City 10k training.

I was lucky enough that one of my Baltimore Women’s Classic coaches is our coach for this training, and that was even more of a motivating factor. As compared to the 5k training, we are running about twice the distance, and I am running 4 days a week instead of 3.

So far I have been able to make up all of the runs, but sometimes they get shifted by a day or two.

Our schedule has been as follows

Sunday  -long run as a group

Monday  – recovery run

Wednesday  – speed work as a group

Friday – Intervals/tempo run

On Tuesday and Saturday it is recommended that we do cross training but I have not been able to fit that in as of right now. Many times the Friday run gets pushed to Saturday so I frequently end up running 3 days in a row.

One of the challenges of this training group is that I am one of the slowest people. I’m also trying to run in-between the beginner and intermediate distances so that I can get the most out of the training.

Last Sunday I did my longest run ever of 6.53 miles, but I was the last one back. One of the other slower runners who was running with me turned around at the 2.5 mile mark but I wanted to keep going and hit 10k if I could, which I did.

Taking names and more personal bests #latergram #Sotc10ktraining #charmcityrun

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Another interesting point has been the idea of GPS watches/activity trackers

For the Shamrock 5k on March 13th, I waited until the crowd died down and then moved towards the starting line. I though I turned runkeeper on using my phone but by the end of the race nothing was recorded. I had no idea whether I completed a personal best or not. Once they posted the times I realized I had a PR for the 5k and a PR for my mile time which I was ecstatic about.

runkeeper failed but I still got a pr! best mile time and best 5k! #shamrock5k #runbaltimore

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I’m lucky enough that our 10k coach Meredith let me borrow her GPS watch.  So far I have run with it twice. I seem to have a lot of trouble connecting it to satellites, and I guess I’m used to runkeeper on my phone talking to me and having additional features to program in workouts and see overall progress.

Activity trackers seem to collect too much data for me. It would be nice to collect steps but I don’t want one more thing to stress over. They’re also expensive.

So far I’m not not convinced about these devices and I am too afraid that if I bought one it would simply sit on the shelf unused and be a waste of money. My current boss has an apple watch and I asked how she felt about it. She’s an avid runner and cyclist and she felt that it was overpowered for what she needed. I think it would be a really fun thing to have a GPS watch, but I don’t know if the price is worth it and if I would use it enough to benefit. I’m a casual runner, running for my own health, and probably not going to do a marathon any time soon.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the training and hoping that I can finish the SOTC 10k with the same mile time as my 5 mile races. That’s my main goal. After Sunday’s run I don’t think the mileage is going to be an issue.

I would like to train up to longer distances at some point but for me that’s still a long way way.




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