A Rant…you have been warned.

Ever since I got back from Italy (for a conference and family vacation,) my AC in my apartment has not been working. After two visits by a tech, a hole in my tub, and failed attempts to cool things down…nothing worked. I’m pretty upset about the whole thing.

Some may say, “Well, Sara, you lived in BF with no AC and survived 2 hot seasons and 2 mini hot seasons.” This may be true, but in BF, no one had AC. Everyone was suffering through the heat and your body got used to it. When it was too hot, no one did any work and nothing got done. I spent most of those days sleeping and trying to stay as cool as I could.

What’s hard in Americaland is that everyone else has working AC. Coping with no AC is worse when everyone else has what you don’t.

In BF I would go to Ouahigouya, my regional capital about once a week to mentally recharge my batteries, eat some yummy food, and get some internet.

Also, in BF, I was not paying for my house. I was not paying for any services because I didn’t have any. No electricity, no running water, nothing. Everything seems worse when you are paying for it and not getting what you are supposed to be paying for.

I always said to new volunteers: “Have some coping strategies, then when those run out, find new ones.” I’ve been trying to live by that ideal the past 48 hours and treating myself to things I enjoy even in the heat.

All I can do is wait. As we used to say in Peace Corps…this too shall pass.


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