So I ran a 5k

Apologies for such a late post…I drafted this a while ago and just put it up now

So if you have been following this blog you probably know that I was going to run my first 5k ever.

Well, (on June 28th 2015)  I ran it, and survived! I never considered myself as a runner, but I had a great team of people supporting me and I did a training program.

I started running at the beginning of April after a visit home coupled with some motivation from friends got me interested in running a 5k.

The Baltimore Women’s Classic is a great first 5k for anyone to do it, and they have their own training programs to help beginner runners like me to get started and train properly.

I did one of the Charm City Run training programs and they prepared us for almost everything except the start. I started too far back and had to weave my way through walkers and my chip time was 2 minutes faster than the gun time. So the lesson is to start further up.

My time was about 40 minutes which was better than any of my training runs. The last run I did before the actual 5k was in Patterson Park which had more hills than the actual course.

Instead of having team t-shirts I made crazy neon glittery headbands for everyone on our team

I signed up for my next 5k in October for the Baltimore Running Festival and to try and keep running even when it starts getting cold. I think I would like to get up to a 10K if possible.

11666307_10153921606280130_2353958334976782605_n 11403013_10153919784195130_6405960552931268586_n

11012358_10153083102423155_1668437609608333149_n 10277885_10153923149770130_8949695201833492511_n 11402802_4815407542885_2753993876916306973_n

Our team before and after!

Hopefully I can keep this up, and the more races I can do with included swag the better!


One response to “So I ran a 5k

  1. linda marcuccilli

    hey girl! way to go!! so glad all is well!! 😀

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