What happens now?

This has been a question that has been bubbling in my head for the past few days/weeks. Two weeks ago I got my MPH and I’m still plugging away.

One task is refining my capstone presentation and paper examining correlates of self-resported Sexually Transmitted Infections among Men who have sex with men in Burkina Faso

(Watch the video presentation here!)

In order for this to be remotely considered for publication, it needs to be sent to the researchers in Burkina Faso as it is also their dataset.

In other news I have been applying for jobs. I’m not going to say much about this because of the visibility of this blog. So far my status post-MPH is uncertain. I try to apply to a few jobs that interest me every day, and hope that I hear back. Thankfully the long Peace Corps application process has been great preparation.

Ideally I want a job that combines research and practice, that I can hold on to for at least a few years, and then apply to PhD or DrPH programs. I’m not sure about working internationally and I have mixed feelings about it.

To me, good international development involves effective initial training of host country nationals and then some monitoring by the outside organization, and then letting the locals run the program.

As for the moment, I want to stay in Baltimore. I love it here, I love the community, and I’m in a committed relationship. Also, it seems that if you want to do public health, Balt/Wash or Atlanta are the places to be.

Looking forward to more applying, waiting, and post-MPH capstoning. I’m trying to create more structured days so I feel more productive. Without my school schedule, motivation is hard and sometimes I envy my boyfriend who has a real job and a more structured lifestyle.

As one of my wise BF Peace Corps buddies always says

“This too shall pass”


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