Two weeks into my MPH Program

And this comes up on a facebook chat…



EH = Environmental Health

Pop Dy= Population Dynamics


Seriously though. I’m geeking out every day and it’s Awesome!


2 responses to “Two weeks into my MPH Program

  1. Juliette Roddy


    I am a student of your dad’s (you have met my daughter, Ariel, who is approximately your age). I am the Chair of a new Health and Human Service Department at the University of Michigan Dearborn.

    It was really fun to read about your recent integration into the JHU MPH program. Ariel went Mathematics for her masters. She is still deciding what to do after she completes her program.

    What will you do after the MPH? Do you want to work or continue with degrees? Where do you want to work? Are you going to go back to Africa? I would love to hear what your plans are.

    Julie Roddy

    • Hi Julie! SO great to hear from you. Right now i’m interested in Epidemiology and Surveillance. I hope to do waht I was doing in the Peace Corps but get paid for it, maybe work in a city public health department or for CDC/NIH. That’s what I want to do for now, hopefully it doesn’t change too much!

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