MPH program first impressions

So I started my MPH program at Hopkins on Monday. Two days of orientation, two days of class, and then the Fourth of July!

One of my PC Burkina friends asked me what the program was like so far, I said that it was like “Stage” (Pre-service training). Classes go from 8:30 to 5pm and we don’t have a lot of breaks. I get home and do not want to do anything else.

First impressions:
The majority of the class are clinicians/med students. I’m not one of them. It’s a little intimidating.

Our class seems to be very social. We are always planning events and bar nights. It’s sort of hard being “on” all the time. Trying to socialize and meet people, and also be switched on to pay attention in class. Speaking of which, We haven’t even had all of our classes yet. Introduction to Bioethics in Public health only meets on a Tuesday.

We have a very diverse class. About half the class are from different countries. It’s fun talking about different cultures, and also creating inside jokes about an Italian student marrying another student just to get his green card. Because he’s not looking for a significant other, just a green card.

I go to a green campus and people totally embrace technology! Except sometimes technology doesn’t work…like getting locked out of the Responsible Conduct for Research module or not being able to see any of the e-reserves.

More updates to follow. Certainly felt this was more like week 0 than week 1.


One response to “MPH program first impressions

  1. Hansen, Joseph

    Sounds exciting! Best of Luck!

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