The Olympics…Looking Back

I always feel nostalgic during the Olympics…I don’t know why, but they happen at regular intervals… so it makes it easy to think back to what I was doing at a given point.

So… Let’s go back in time

London Summer Olympics 2012

I was in Burkina Faso at Camp G2LOW Kaya. We actually went to a dancing/bar/resto to watch the opening ceremonies. We ended up watching it in the owner’s office because the Burkinabe music was too loud. Plenty of Brakinas and SoBBras were had including inventing an impromptu drinking game during the parade of nations. I remember dreading using the latrine at the establishment because the walls were covered with roaches…(Ew…I know!). I remember getting back to site and listening to some of the events on the BBC World Service. Unfortunately I had missed all of the swimming events but I was able to listen to the track and field competitions on the radio. I didn’t get to see the closing ceremony, but luckily my parents sent me an Olympic highlights DVD which showed 2 hours of coverage from the whole games.


Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

I had just started my Peace Corps application and recently broke up with my boyfriend at the time. This was the first Olympics that I was able to DVR and watch it when I wanted to. I was a junior at UIUC and busy in my last semester before going off to student teach. I remember Figure Skating was the big sport to watch. I also remember that the US Speed Skating team had no sponsorship so Stephen Colbert and the Colbert Nation stepped up to the plate. I was really glued to the TV that Olympics, but I remember my roommate was not very interested.

Beijing Summer Olympics 2008

I was working at Interlochen Arts Camp and I did an Olympic themed cabin (because we were cabin 8!) complete with Olympic rings on the door and on the caper (chore) chart. That was the Olympics where Dara Torres, a 40 year old swimmer was competing against swimmers half her age. I remember that the opening ceremony was big and intense. I also remember David Beckham at the closing ceremony.

Torino Winter Olympics 2006

I was in France for part of this Olympiad. I was in high school and we did a 10 day trip to France including Paris and Pau. I was able to watch the women’s figure skating competition live, because Italy and France are on the same time zone.  I remember the icicle dresses that the sign bearers for the parade of nations wore. I also remember Shaun White and his ridiculous red hair.

Athens Summer Olympics 2004

I was a sophomore in high school. I remember watching the swimming and gymnastics events with my swim team on our fall bonding/training trip. We were all crowded around this small TV watching and hearing our coach point out important things that were going on.

Salt Lake City Winter Olympics 2002

I was in middle school and it was shortly after my Bat Mitzvah. One of my practice supervisors at Interlochen Arts Camp, Amber actually recorded the national anthems and played in the closing ceremonies. I remember briefly seeing her on TV.

I could go back farther but I don’t remember as much. I do distinctly remember Tara Lipinski’s gold medal performance at the 1998 Nagano games and how excited I was that she won.

The Olympics in Rio de Janeiro are going to be really exciting, and maybe Burkina will even win a medal…I can’t wait



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