A December Update

So it’s been a while since I last blogged. Things are going well. the semester is winding down, the majority of my grad school apps are in, and things are pretty good.

I do have a beef with a few things. Hopefully this won’t turn into a rant. Hopefully this will be a curious examination of pop culture.


PCVs are NOTORIOUS for oversharing person to person. The rumor mills are indeed legendary and we spend a lot of time talking about our bodily functions and being sick and other things. I got used to this after a while. I purposefully stayed out of the loop and tried to keep my bodily functions to myself.Now that I’m back in the United States, oversharing has gone to a different level. It seems like the vast majority of posts on facebook are oversharing. These may include the following.

1. “I just did <insert some sort of exercise here, some number of miles run, number of burpees>! Look at me! I’m so fit!

2. I just bought <insert something here>

3. I just checked in at <insert place name here>

4. I’m so sick/my child is sick/my SO is sick

5. I’m stuck at work/my coworkers are so mean/something else work related that i’m not happy about.

That’s great. Why is this on my newsfeed? Why do I need to know this? Is this just an attention grab?

I remember during training I was called an “attention whore” by one of my training mates. She was right. I think part of the problem was that PCVs are always trying to out-do each other, and one of my systems of being nervous/anxious means trying to get more attention when I probably should not. I think I’ve backed off a lot. I generally only post things on facebook that are witty/funny/informative/or a social issue that really moves me. I’m saying i’m holier than anyone. I just think that people need to think before they post. It could end up being dangerous. Posting that you’re going to be on vacation/going out end up being too much information.

I felt like my life was so much more complete when I only had phone calls and text messages to connect with the world outside of Burkina Faso. Every communication had some meaning, because we made the effort/paid the money/charged our battery to do it. Unfortunately I feel like we’ve developed into a narcisstic culture that is always constantly looking for instant feedback on everything, our hobbies, our bodies, our outfits, who we choose to go out with etc.

The Dating Game.

This is another thing I am frustrated with. I am not really actively seeking someone out, but if i’m out with friends and there’s a cute guy I’ve given him my number. Apparently this strategy doesn’t work. Case in point. (Names and exact details have been changed) I went out to a friend’s birthday and there was a cute guy who had a goatee. He was really sweet and really cute so I gave him my number. I looked him up on facebook and friended him, and I was instantly friended back. Ok, this seems like a good sign. He made some stupid facebook status about some girl (me) giving him her number due to his facial hair and was it negative or positive. I messaged him later to ask him out to coffee and never heard back. I’m just going to assume that he forgot or doesn’t pay attention to fb messages but whatever. I thought men liked confident women. I gave you my number, I guess that just ruins the thrill of the chase and just makes things less interesting.

For some reason I feel a great deal of pressure to be dating someone. I was chatting with some friends and they think that online dating is a good idea. I’d rather be set up with someone than do online dating. It also seems that many of the people who use free sites find guys with lots of deal breakers. I’m not unhappy that i’m single. Most of the time i’m super busy and don’t notice. The other problem is that there’s a good chance that I will have to move out of the area to go to graduate school, and although long-distance is easier than it ever has been before, It’s still not the best case relationship scenario.

I don’t want a pity party. Things will work out.

So Sara, what’s your point?

Oversharing is annoying and I really wish people would think before they post stuff online. If it really bothers me perhaps I shouldn’t be on facebook so much, and dating or just interacting with guys is still tough 4 months out of Peace Corps. *le sigh*


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