One month in the US…

So I’ve been back in the US for a month (!) and I’ve gotten into some sort of daily routine. I have class four days a week so that gives me some structure. It’s strange having classes that are later in the day. (Most of my university classes started at 8am, or I took an early lifeguarding shift on days when I didn’t have class). 

I’ve also started the grad school application process. I am really glad that I did not do this in BF because it’s complicated. 8 of the applications are on SOPHAS (the centralized public health school application) and 3 are not. One does not open until October because it’s abroad, and another is to be submitted by snail mail. 

How does this compare to the Peace Corps Application?  Er…I don’t know. I applied over three years ago (WOW!) and I don’t remember every aspect of the application. It seems to be as tedious as when I filled it out (this was before the new DOVE system came out last year). Sending transcripts was more complicated than usual because I had to scan a form, order the transcripts, and then have UIUC hold them until they got the scanned form and put both the form and the transcripts in a sealed envelope. 

One of the schools I am looking at is only 45 minutes away from my house, so I was thinking that I might go and visit on one of my free days and check it out and see if I can talk to students about their experiences. 

In other news, I am sort of unpacked…my old room is still disorganized and I need to take a good deal of time to fix that. Unpacking seems to be a very emotional experience for me. You think of all the memories when you are doing it and it takes more time than expected. 

I find that I do miss Burkina on a daily basis. I especially miss my fellow volunteers and those still serving. Most of my college friends are in Illinois, and only a few people who I kept up with since high school are still in Michigan. I try to hang out with people when I can, but it seems like I don’t really have much of a social life, and most of my time is spent doing homework, studying, doing grad school apps, or watching TV. There are exceptions though, when I came out of my cave and went to the Detroit Zoo with Waga Rob! 

In other other news, RPCVs are everywhere! I went to an RPCV dinner last week and met someone WHO IS IN MY NUTRITION CLASS! It’s a small world. I also am scheduled to give a guest lecture in a development class. Unfortunately Wayne State is not a Coverdell fellows program and they do not generally have RPCVs ready to give dog and pony shows about their experiences/development, so that should be fun.


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