Culture differences — the things you notice

So now that i’m back in the US, I’ve decided to continue my blog to talk about readjustment post Peace Corps, and what it’s like for a Music Education Major to apply to public health schools after Peace Corps.

Anyway, here is a humorous list of things that I’ve been noticing since I got back.

1. Everyone is wearing “skimpy” or “revealing clothing”

When I say this…I mean that I’m honestly not used to seeing so much leg. People in Burkina Faso rarely wear shorts or mini skirts except in big cities or if they happen to be sex workers. When I was in Dulles Airport I saw so much skin. I was really surprised. The same thing happened when I was in the med unit during stage and was watching the film “Coyote Ugly” where clothing choices were picked for maximum sex appeal and I was used to everyone being completely covered in village. I’m sorry, I should not be able to see your ass hanging out of your clothes in public.

2. People are overweight.

Now, I’m not one to judge because i’m not stick skinny myself but compared to Burkina, there are a lot of people in the US who are overweight. In village all the villageois were very skinny and fit. They’re out in the fields all day working and sometimes there is not enough food to eat. 

3. People are not yelling Nassara/Toubabou at me down the street.

It’s great. Enough said.

4. I haven’t been proposed to since I got back!

5. No one has asked me for money.

6. Everyone keeps saying it’s hot.

I mean, seriously. It’s not hot. Hot is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in your house without a fan or AC. Everywhere here has a fan/AC.

7. You don’t greet random strangers and ask them about their work, their family, or their health. (I actually kind of miss this)

8. Everything here is bigger…eggs, veggies, fruits, cars, chickens, portion size

9. EVERYONE has an iPad/Tablet/Smartphone (including me I just got one)

10. More and more RPCVs come out of the woodwork when you get back. They are everywhere.



One response to “Culture differences — the things you notice

  1. Welcome back. I definitely noticed number 8 – everything is BIGGER, BETTER, MORE in the U.S. I was in Niger, W. Africa from 2005-07. 🙂 I remember going on vacation to Ghana and being shocked at the ‘skimpy’ clothing, having been in my conservative Muslim village for awhile haha

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