Camp G2LOW Fada N’Gourma 2013 Debrief

So I just got back from a very successful Camp G2LOW in Fada. We had 16 PCVs, 7 Burkinabe chaperones, 10 facilitators, and 81 students 5e students (8th graders).

PCVs and their Burkinabe counterparts led sessions on gender, friendship, HIV/AIDS, STDs, malaria, hygiene and sanitation, family planning, goal setting, creating an action plan, violence, and peer pressure.

The violence session was facilitated by our camp director Alaina and Alexis (A Peace Corps Driver). Alexis was a Rock Star and did a great job explaining things in a Burkinabe context and answered some very tough questions from the students. He was called in to do the session when our Safety and Security Coordinator was unable to make it. Alexis really came through for us, and he did it while he was fasting because he was observing Ramadan and did two sessions back to back.

We also had really fun activities such as a campfire (the PCVs even had marshmallows!), a theatre/sketch/skit night, a movie night, we watched “The Lion King” in French, and laughed very hard when Simba said “ça va aller” to Nala when she finds him with Timon and Pumbaa. The grand finale was a cultural night with traditional Gourmanche dancing done by the campers in traditional clothing, a PCV dance to Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” and a dance by the Burkinabe facilitators to a Burkinabe pop song.

I was a team leader along with Pat, Natalie, and our Burkinabe Co-Leaders, Tolmani and Josephine. I led sessions on HIV/AIDS and Peer Pressure. The peer pressure session was fun because the kids got to act out skits. All the boys did their skits about being pressured to work in a gold mine, and all the girls did their skits about forced marriage.

I was also in charge of the theatre night and Jeopardy! Jeopardy! Was a really great review tool for the students to prepare before they had to take their posttest. It was very intense. The students got very very competitive and it almost got out of hand. We had two representatives from each team come up to a table, I would read the question, and to buzz in, the students would have to grab the sponge in the middle of the table. One of the priceless moments of Camp G2LOW Fada Jeopardy! Was when a camper was asked a true or false question, and said the answer was true, which was wrong. The question got passed to the next camper, and I said, so the answer is not true, what is the correct answer, true or false? And the camper said true. We also had problems with the kids wagering. They did not really get the concept of wagering enough money to cover the gap if the other team gets it right. The students did not wager enough, and in the first game, the losing team at the end of Jeopardy! Ended up winning Final Jeopardy! because the winning team didn’t wager enough to beat the losing team. Oh well, it was really entertaining and the kids seemed to have a lot of fun.

At the end of the camp, the students improved their post-test scores over their pre-test by 25%. I’m so glad that I was part of Camp G2LOW Fada 2013.

We were also in a competition with Camp G2LOW Kaya. We kept texting each other back and forth with hashtages like #fadawinning and #kayawinning. But we all know which group came on top. #FADAWON

Thank you so much to those who donated to Camp G2LOW Fada 2013. Your support makes fantastic projects like this possible!


Blue Team doing a traditional Gourmanche dance


Gender Relay Race

Blue team boys doing a daily schedule by gender


Traditional Gourmanche Dance in full costume


One response to “Camp G2LOW Fada N’Gourma 2013 Debrief

  1. Wow! What a great camp! I would have loved to have been there and to have participated! Great job!

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