The Burkina Love List

With COS looming on the horizon, I decided to post about all the things I love about Burkina Faso. In no particular order:

1. Being full for 20 cents

2. Seeing hippos in their natural habitat

3. Attieke – in any form

4. Tailors – being able to get something custom made that actually fits

5. Tanties – Burkinabe Aunties who will watch your back and be tough when they’re not being sassy. Also they are almost always dressed to the nines in full complet and foulard.

6. Being able to buy stuff you need sold by children on the street (phone credit, gum, tissues) at any time of night.

7. Always getting a hearty Bonne Arrivee whenever you show up in French or Local Language wherever you go.

8. Benga (beans and rice) with tomato sauce and onions

9. The finger snap handshake

10. Brochettes with lots of piment

11. Larger than normal bottled beverages that are infinitely cheaper here as compared to the US

12. Coke made with real sugar and not corn syrup.

13. Being able to eat an entire chicken by yourself

14. The best mangoes I’ve ever had in my life

15. Getting exactly what you wanted after a hard bargaining session

16. Being able to walk into a bush taxi gare and find transport immediately by simply saying the name of the place you want to go.

17. Free dolo before 9am (at least in my village)

18. Maquis-Bar-Dancing-Restos – the ultimate nightspot

19. Wearing “uniform” (everyone wearing the same pagne) for holidays and parties

20. Every time someone’s face lights up when you start speaking local language.


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