It’s a Weird, Weird Time

I know I keep saying that it’s a strange time in my service. So I thought I’d discuss why.

  1. I’m COSing at the end of August but there’s still a lot of time left. We’re not allowed to start any new funded projects or anything long-term. It makes sense, you want to ensure sustainability, and if a PCV starts a new project right before they leave, it’s very likely that it’s not going to be sustainable. It’s like, you’re done, but you’re not really done. Unfortunately it’s not like my undergrad where you have definite senses of closure, turning in papers, mid-terms, practical exams, finals, and the like.
  2. The feeling of being useless. I keep getting this feeling from people in my village…oh yeah, you’re leaving…we’d like to do this…but you’re leaving. Conversely they are like, “we won’t let you leave, you will stay here and marry a man from the village and have lots of children.” The best part of my service is behind me, and that’s a very unpleasant feeling.
  3. The seasonal calendar: Rainy season is going to start soon, people will be out in the fields, school will be out, and all the functionnaires will go back to their summer residences. It’s going to be hard to do any activities because EVERYONE will be out in the fields.
  4. I keep freaking out about stupid things back in the US…how am I going to get to class? I could bike…oh wait…I live in Detroit…I’m not biking down Woodward alone at 8pm…bad idea. What am I going to do about a cell phone? Will my friends think I’m a jungle freak from Africa? What am I going to do for a homecoming fete?!?!
  5. I also keep freaking out about stuff in BF…Hoping this animation techniques training does not fall apart. Being able to pack up all my stuff and clean my house. Is my cat going to get pregnant again (I’m looking into birth control for her…seriously.) Having my plane tickets booked by PC. Being able to provide specimens for my final COS medical…etc.

I’m just glad that in spite of all of this worry and dread I have a lot of really exciting things coming up. That’s what is getting me through these past couple of weeks 🙂

  1. Camp Heere in Lanfiera – Camp with CM2 students from the Sourou valley focusing on Health, the Environment, Education, and having fun.
  2. CHATT Training in Orodara – Teaching villageois counterparts how to lead exciting and dynamic situations
  3. Camp G2LOW Fada – Camp with CEG students talking about goal setting, life skills, health, and having fun 

99 days ‘til I come home. It’s still hard to believe.


4 responses to “It’s a Weird, Weird Time

  1. I am not a marabout, but let me try and predict what will happen when you return to the US: for the first few weeks you WILL freak out, feel like life at home is dull and pointless. You will want to pack your bags and go. You will feel lost in your own country… but then after a few weeks it will get better and you will integrate your experience into your everyday life… and then you will talk about the days where you lived in a village in West Africa and people will stare in amazement 🙂

  2. I loved reading this because I can totally relate – I’m a PCV in Kenya, COSing in December… it’s a confusing, stressful time! Best of luck to you!

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