The Power of Transferable Skills

Last week I had a conversation with our Country Director about how fortunate I am to have used many of my life/work experiences/skills during my Peace Corps Service. There are so many things that I thought I would not use again but it’s amazing how all things come together. I have been so blessed to be able to apply many skills/experience that I thought I would never have another chance to use.

Speaking French:

I’ve talked about this before but I thought that I would not use it outside of high school. If you have any experience with French PC tends to send you to Francophone countries

Coordinating Jewish Life:

During my time at the University of Illinois I was very involved in Hillel. I went to services every week. I helped run/coordinate High Holiday services, and in my junior year I was the KOACH intern with USCJ/Hillel Foundation. During my service I’ve been able to organize High Holidays, 2 Chanukkahs, and this year, a Passover Seder. The best thing about celebrating these holidays in a developing country is that they become that much more special. People coming together and sharing their culture is what Peace Corps is all about.

Music Education:

I don’t have a youth orchestra or a music class, but working with people non-verbally is a very important skill. Most of my village cannot read and unfortunately my Moore is not good enough to do awareness sessions or teach classes. Learning how to communicate with images, using eye contact is essential to an illiterate population. I’ve taught my CE1 students a lot of songs, and also led songs during Camp G2LOW, Camp Heere, and Science Camp. I also did a Bach Double Project with a PCV from Cambodia who I met through my blog. I can’t practice when it’s hot, but I would go absolutely bonkers if I didn’t have a musical instrument (viola or ukulele) as a coping mechanism. GIGS! Getting a chance to perform! Never thought I would get that in BF.

I hope that after I COS that I can still use some of these skills. Even though I am leaning towards a master’s in public health, In a perfect world: I still want to be able to speak French in my job. I still want to organize Jewish events/activities. I still want to keep music in my life. I am so lucky be able to incorporate all of these things together, and hopefully this will continue in future endeavors.


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