Adventures in CE1: Co-teaching and Breastfeeding

I tried to post this last week but apparently it got deleted…so here’s another shot…
Don’t worry, I’m not the one breastfeeding. If we get pregnant in BF we get med sepped. (Fired). Enough said.

Anyway, The CE1 teacher is back from vacation with her beautiful baby girl, Claudia Lauren.

One of the neat things about working in BF is that mothers with newborns get paid breastfeeding time. What a great idea! Anyone working in the public or private sector gets an hour and a half of paid breast feeding time.

When I was in Ouaga in December I told one of our program assistants that I really like teaching CE1, but that I was afraid that once the Director/CE1 teacher came back from maternity leave that I would have nothing to do in village. He said to ask her if I could teach while she was breastfeeding her baby girl (Brilliant Idea!) That way the students don’t lose any instruction time, and even if she has to duck out to breastfeed I can watch the class. I co-teach from 10:30, solo from 11-12pm, and then repose, teach solo from 15-15:30 and then co-teach until 17:00.

Yay for co-teaching and building capacity!

So far things are going fairly well. The most challenging thing is productivity. I told her that she can just give me a lesson plan and I can do it, but she has been totally swamped with all of her directorial duties and not to mention having a 4 month old baby. I know that we will fall into the rhythm soon enough. I’m just glad that we work so well together, and she seems to trust me which is good. I just feel bad because I want to increase the level of content for the students, and make the most of our time together but if I don’t really have enough time to plan in advance or have a lesson plan to implement, I don’t want to wing a lesson and waste the students’ time. Even though I did my best with reading and math every morning the students are still behind. They still have trouble with reading and math, and seemed to forget everything during the vacation.

Right now I can say that I am pretty content with my day to day routine. I have purpose every day, and when I’m not teaching I tend to read or do some GRE studying. Hopefully the students will catch up…I’m doing the best I can on my end and I’m perfectly comfortable with that.


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