Adventures in Teaching CE1: Reasons why I love my Class

  1. They are always ready for a song or jumping jacks
  2. They remind me to put a star on the hygiene chart or to give them a piece of candy if I happen to forget
  3. They actually go to the latrine and  wash their hands with soap
  4. They embarrass other kids who go out to the fields to relieve themselves (open defecation) and make them feel bad about doing it
  5. They love doing math problems on their slates
  6. There’s always someone who wants to come up to the board to read
  7. They give me a reason to get up every morning and teach
  8. They’ve made me learn so much in 2.5 months about teaching, classroom management, and working in a developing country since I arrived in BF
  9. That every day I am making an impact my students lives, however small that impact may be
  10. This feels like the “Real Peace Corps Experience” open defecation issues and all. Truly the “toughest job I’ll ever love.”

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