Off The Grid

Living under a rock, off the grid, stepping back in time, whatever you want to call it. I’m glad I am off the grid. Living in a village in BF is like stepping back in a time machine with a few anachronisms (cell phones, cyber cafes, refrigerators, freezers, AC, etc.)


Since I arrived last June I have lost familiarity/don’t know what these things are

–          Pinterest

–          Instagram

–          Honey Boo Boo

–          Gagnam Style

–          The vibrating dinner phone game thing

–          Siri and the iPhones 4S and 5

–          Second and third generation iPads

Here are the things I miss:


–          Netflix

–          Hulu

–          TiVo/DVR

–          Saturday Night Live

–          Being able to load YouTube videos in a reasonable amount of time


–          Decent tasting cold beer

–          Pizza that tastes like Pizza

–          Thai Food

Televised Sports

–          College Football

–          Baseball

–          Figure skating

Other stuff

–          Having mail delivered to your doorstep

–          Free refills on drinks

–          Not having to worry about water making you sick

–          Shopping malls

–          Movie theaters

The ironic thing is that I don’t really miss American television that much. I was at an ex-pat’s house and saw the Ellen DeGeneres show and I was like…wow, I’m not really missing much in the way of American television. I can get all the news I want from BBC World Service, and I certainly do not miss all the 2012 Presidential campaign ads and obnoxiousness. The things I do miss (probably except for the TiVo because I sold it) I know will be waiting for me when I come home.

Being off the grid allows me to go outside and talk to people, spending more time building friendships and relationships instead of spending every waking hour with a phone attached to my head or my eyes buried in computer screen.

I’m just hoping that when I come home that I don’t just turn into a total technology zombie/couch potato


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