Ville ou Village?

So this post comes from a discussion I had with the guy who owns the main village boutique and some other villagers.

According to the American Heritage Dictionary

A Village is

“A small group of dwellings in a rural area, usually ranking in size between a hamlet and a town. In some U.S. states, an incorporated community smaller in population than a town. The inhabitants of a village; villagers. A group of bird or animal habitations suggesting a village”

A City is

“A city is a town of significant size or an urban area with self-government. (noun) An example of a city is [Chicago or Boston].”

I was complaining about the lack of bread in my village. We never have village bread regularly, and I really enjoy village bread. If I could eat it every day I could. I was saying how frustrating it can be living in a village without many resources or services. This is how the dialogue went.

(For the purposes of this entry and for safety and security reasons my village will be called Southfield and other Detroit suburbs will be used to describe neighboring villages).

Sara: No village bread again?!? Don’t they know that if they had it every day I would buy it.

Issouf: Yeah, Sara, we know

Sara: I mean, in the next village over they always have bread even when it’s not market day.

Issouf: Yeah, Sara, we know, but Southfield is a ville (city,) not a village

Sara: No it’s not. There’s no electricity here, no running water, no internet, no vegetables, no regular supply of milk, no yogurt, you’re out of chicken spam, need I say more?

Issouf: But Southfield is a ville. We have a mayor’s office, a prefecture, a health clinic, a,  CEG (middle school,) two primary schools, 4 mosques and two churches.

Sara: But Royal Oak (the village 5k away) has electricity, they have a real market, they have two CEGs, one private and one public. They’re closer to a ville than Southfield is, but it’s still a village.  Even Berkley has a real market every three days and they have a caisse populaire (local village credit union). The regional capital is definitely a ville, they have cyber cafes, good restaurants, electricity, running water, and the like. The provincial capitals are like big villages. They only have markets every three days, and most of them don’t have cyber cafes

Issouf: But Southfield will be getting electricity soon! It’s on its way to becoming a ville

Sara: Ah Bon. Until I see the wires in the ground I won’t believe it. Southfield is a village. And if it were a ville, we would have fresh bread every day… *le sigh*

By all technical definitions my current area of habitation is a village. No doubt about it. Other volunteers live in regional or provincial capitals with running water, internet, and electricity (Posh Corps ;-)). I love my village. I love how close-knit it is. And as of right now, je préfère la vie au village


One response to “Ville ou Village?

  1. Mayor’s office, préfecture, middle school, AND 2(!) elementaries?! Southfield se ressemble totes à une ville. Pas une grande ville, mais une ville même. Et si la courante arrive…aaaiiii-ya! On sera loin de village dè. 😉

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