Fantasy COS Trip–Or just a list of countries/cities i really want to go to.

So some PCVs take EPIC COS trips. For fun I planned a Fantasy COS trip if I had unlimited funds and time. One of the issues is that I have to get back in time to start taking classes if I want to bone up on biology.

1. Ethiopia – I’ve always wanted to go here, and apparently the weather is always nice and Addis Abeba is apparently gorgeous

2. South Africa – Table Mountain, Safari, full of history

3. Thailand – I think if I could do PC all over again in a different country I would pick this one.

4. Cambodia – I really want to see Angkor Wat and Siem Reap.

5. Vietnam – easy to get to from other SE Countries

6. Laos – Also easy to get to from other SE Countries

7. Malaysia – I want to see the Petronas Towers and Kuala Lumpur

8. Indonesia – One of my really good friends from college is Indonesian, and she said that if I came we could go to Bali and Scuba Dive together

9. Australia – Always wanted to go, I’ve never been. I’ve never been below the equator for that matter.

10. New Zealand – It looks absolutely gorgeous, and maybe I can find myself a Kiwi…

11. Hawai’i – I love these islands, and my Great Aunt lives in Honolulu — so…I think that’s a win-win

12. Seattle – I’ve never been here, and I’ve met a bunch of PCVs who live there, so why not.


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