Science Camp 2012 Debrief

So what do you get when you put 36 kids from a bunch of different villages, 18 enthusiastic PCVs, and Burkinabe Counterparts together in Koudougou for 5 days? SCIENCE CAMP!

Activities/Lessons for the camp included

  • Toad and Rabbit Dissection
  • Astronomy
  • Pressure
  • Chemical Reactions
  • Botany
  • HIV/AIDS Transmission and Prevention
  • Malaria Transmission and Prevention and Neem Cream Production
  • Healthy Hygiene and Soapmaking
  • Campfire with songs
  • Games and recreation

The highlight of the camp was an American-style science fair that involved the students in their pagne teams creating their own experiments and following the scientific method. Some of the experiments included seeing how fabrics react to acids vs. bases, how different quantities of sugar dissolve, density experiments, how to best preserve tomato paste, how to split white light into colors, and many others. It was incredible even with the short amount of time the students were able to complete their experiments and analyze their findings.

I was responsible for maintaining the general level of amusement (Queen of Fun). We sang songs, played Alaska Tag, and did a ton of ice breakers. I felt right back in my element as a camp counselor all over again 🙂 

Thank you so much to all who donated to Science Camp and made it all possible! We could not have done it without you!

Kudos to the counselors and all involved parties! We did it! 


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