Magical Mystical Moringa

One of our “High 5” initiatives is to plant one million trees throughout BF to combat desertification promote reforestation and food security. Every education and health volunteer is supposed to plant 625 trees and protect them each year of their service. 

Here at Peace Corps Burkina Faso we LOVE Moringa! We even have Moringa mascots, Moringa Man and Moringa Woman, masked mauraders marketing moringa magic against malnutrition!


Moringa trees originally come from India and they grow in tropical climates. The Mooré word for Moringa is Arzentiiga, which translates to “Tree of Paradise.” They are especially hardy and can grow in drier regions of BF such as the North region.

Moringa leaves are a nutritional superfood!


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Villagers can dry the leaves, crush them and then add them during the last minutes of cooking to sauces (for Tô or Rice,) or Bouille (porridge, a common breakfast food).

My moringa project involves working with my pepineriste (arborist) and my forestier (forestry agent) to grow 1000 moringa saplings from seeds.

You start them off in plastic pots or empty water sachets in hot season April – May and then plant them in the ground at the end of July/beginning of August.

With publicity from the Chief of the Women (Pagb Naaba) Lucie, the Pepineriste and I handed out free moringa saplings to every villager who wanted one. To monitor and evaluate the tree distribution we wrote down the receiver’s name, quartier (neighborhood) and number of trees, so that hopefully next year we can follow-up and see which trees survived etc.

Looking for more moringa resources?

And finally, to close out this Moringa Mania, a morsel of magical moringa music from PC BF’s own, Singing nerd.


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  1. More moringa man and and woman sightings found here:

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