Packing considerations for BF

As a new stage (training class) is coming to BF in October, I thought that I should share some useful packing tips.

REI Bug Hut 2 – GET IT! It can be super hot at site and it’s great to sleep outside and be protected from mosquitoes that will give you malaria.

Thermarest – To avoid crashing (sleeping) on the floor when you are at other volunteers’ houses or when you are sleeping outside on in your Bug Hut – you can always have one sent to you.

A Hat with a big brim – It’s really sunny here. Enough said.

A Decent Raincoat – it rains here…during rainy season. You’ll want one.

Rechargable batteries with a USB charger

Solar Charger with a USB port

A Big External Hard Drive

Bike Gloves – They are super expensive here in BF and they are so worth it.

For Female Trainees:

Strapless/convertible Bra – If you don’t want your straps to show under your traditional complet this is for you. Also many tops are cut lower on the shoulders than American styles.

Shorts – like Soffees or others that you can wear under skirts when you are biking.

This may be TMI For some people…A final piece of advice, if you are planning to use a menstrual cup make sure that you are comfortable using it long before you leave. Trying to cram and figure out how to use it right before you leave is a really bad idea. You can get tampons and pads from the med unit.

And finally, if you need something you can always send it. Fortunately mail to BF is fairly reliable.

Feel free to hit me back with questions and GOOD LUCK!

Packing considerations for BF


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