Oh Coffee…

Hi, My name is Sara, and I’m a coffee drinker

…or at least i was before BF

I come from a family of coffee drinkers. My Dad, and everyone on his side of the family drinks coffee, Never decaf…always regular.

I tried to lay off the stuff until my junior year of college when experienced the need for caffeine. I remember calling my Dad and saying that I had something important to tell him.. He’s like… “You’re not Pregnant, are you?” and I said, “No, I’m going to get a coffee maker.”

I drank two cups a day with artificial sweetener. No milk, no cream. It helped me get through student teaching and my last two years of college.

Some PCVs are able to enjoy fresh roasted coffee courtesy of their country of service. I.e. I know a PCV in Cameroon who worked for a coffee cooperative and roasted his own beans.

BF is not known for growing coffee beans. We have NesCafe. Which in my opinion is not real coffee. Real coffee involves putting coffee grounds that smell like real coffee into a machine and turning that machine on and making coffee (or putting it into a French Press), Also to make it taste any good drinkable you need to add a crap ton of milk (powdered or sweetened-condensed) and sugar. What I miss the most is the ritual of making the coffee yourself and then drinking it.

Also, coffee + PCV stomach in Sub-Saharan Africa = bad. I have a percolator and grounds at my house but every time I make it it makes my tummy upset.

On the other hand, I don’t need coffee anymore to get going in the morning. My teeth are not as stained. I’m curious when I get back to the US if I will turn right back into a Coffee Addict. When I went to France to meet the parental units, I was back to my coffee drinking ways. But I honestly think that was because of the ritual of sharing coffee with my dad than anything else. It’s all about the little things.


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