The GRE and Mid-Service Crisis…or what am I going to do after PC?

It’s that time of your Peace Corps service…you just finished mid-service and you have 13-14 months to go. You know your village, you want to implement projects and the like…but the real world is right around the corner…and you haven’t taken the GRE.

If you want to take the GRE in BF you have a few options

  1. Take the paper exam in Ouaga
  2. Take a 24 hour bus to Accra in Ghana and take the computerized exam
  3. Go back to the United States to take the exam.

 I didn’t take the GRE before I left for BF, and if I want to apply to college after I get back…I need to take it. (To get into the programs that I want).

Ideally I want to spend Fall 2013 applying to colleges and taking supplemental courses if I want to do an MPH program. Right now I really can’t decide between an MPH and International Education and Development.

 So Sara, why are you waiting to apply? Well, I live in a developing country with unreliable internet and mail. If I want to contact professors and make sure that my applications get submitted I would rather do that in the US. I also want to spend my second year doing projects, and applying to schools would mean more time out of my village and less time helping them out.

 So my plan right now is to take the GRE in February and then COS in August. I was concerned about taking a paper test, but all of my Illinois certification exams were on paper, and I did fine. Also, I don’t want to take a 24 hour bus to Accra. I have a lot of down time to study, and I already took a diagnostic test. It’s also one less thing to worry about doing when I get back to the states. 

I really wanted to do a third year, but due to the changed health status of certain family members, I feel that it would be inappropriate to spend another year abroad. I also really want to start grad school.

 I want to involve music in whatever I end up doing, and it will always be a part of my life, but I don’t think an MM is the right path for me right now. MPH degrees involve education and outreach which is right up my alley, except I didn’t take any biology courses in college…If that’s what I end up doing, in order to get in the good programs I will need to take at least a year of bio. I also only took one Statistics course and a bunch of other quantitative courses, but will that be enough to get in?

Time will tell. Everything has a way of working out. Hopefully.


2 responses to “The GRE and Mid-Service Crisis…or what am I going to do after PC?

  1. linda marcuccilli

    …hi sara;
    yes..time will tell…you will know in your heart the best direction to go…you have great parents who have a wealth of knowledge who will be there for you….you are a very lucky lady, sara…
    all the best to you, and keep up the good work!!

    linda marcuccilli

  2. Thanks for your support Linda!

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