DISCLAIMER: This post is meant to put the complaints of some PCVs in a humorous light and does not reflect the views of the US Government, PC Burkina, or the Government of Burkina Faso.

So this came out of a conversation with another volunteer and will be presented in the form of tweets with the hash tag #developingworldproblems

@ilovealtoclef: my latrine has no roof and it’s raining…I really have to pee but I don’t want to get wet #developingworldproblems #rainyseason

@ilovealtoclef: I want to shower but my shower has no roof and it’s raining…#developingworldproblems #rainyseason

@ilovealtoclef: I just did my laundry, and now it’s raining #developingworldproblems #rainyseason

@ilovealtoclef: this is the first time I’ve had internet in weeks and I can’t download anything #developingworldproblems #rainyseason

@ilovealtoclef: my village has no bread…again. #developingworldproblems

@ilovealtoclef: I’m on a LAME bus and it broke down. #developingworldproblems

@ilovealtoclef: It’s too hot to practice viola. #developingworldproblems

@ilovealtoclef: It rained last night so we couldn’t charge your phone battery. #developingworldproblems

@ilovealtoclef: I’m on the Death Rocket and it broke down. #developingworldproblems

@ilovealtoclef: All I really want is cheese! #developingworldproblems

@ilovealtoclef: I’ve been to the latrine 10 times in the last hour. #developingworldproblems

@ilovealtoclef: I just became a real Peace Corps Volunteer…and now I have to change my pants. #developingworldproblems

@ilovealtoclef: I just got off the phone with someone in the capital and they want me to send an email to them. Don’t they know that I live in village with no electricity or internet #developingworldproblems

@ilovealtoclef: electronics go to Africa to die #developingworldproblems

@ilovealtoclef: What do you mean there’s no transport today?!? It’s a market day #developingworldproblems

@ilovealtoclef: He/She can’t come…he/she has the palu #developingworldproblems


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