Hot Season is Sexy Season

Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself…

You’ve got to love it when it’s 40-55 degrees celsius in your village with no electricity.

However, there are various solutions I’ve found to beat the heat.

Desert Fridge

Take a Canary (Clay Jug) and put it in a clay bowl with sand in between, when you wet the sand the water evaporates and takes away the heat. You can enjoy coolish water without electricity

Wet Clothing

Polo shirts are great for this, you walk around with a wet shirt and it’s your own personal cooling system

Wet Sheets/Pagnes

These can help you get through those hot sultry nights…also helpful if you have a fever


One of the easiest meals to make. (Yes I just called popcorn a meal) and cools off quickly so you don’t have the awkward moments where you are eating something that is as hot as it is outside

Weight Loss

Hot season makes you lose weight…hence why it is sexy season.

Complaining in Moore to other Villageouis

Other villagers like to complain too, and you can have a long complain-a-thon while practicing your French and Moore.


The Mangoes have started to come out…which just makes things infinitely better.

Ah, the power of a positive mental attitude at work.


One response to “Hot Season is Sexy Season

  1. Christina Cowen

    Hey Sarah, Chris from WSU. I see by your blogs that all is going well. Good to know you are learning so much and imparting so much to those you encounter. Good for you!!!

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