Malaria Month: Neem Cream

Neem trees are an amazing biological specimen. If you boil the leaves in water they can be used as a natural insecticide to prevent crop destruction. More importantly, they can be used to create a cream which used after bathing and before sleeping under an impregnated mosquito net can help stop the spread of Malaria

This is how we do it!

First the women pick the neem leaves off the trees


The leaves are boiled until the water is nice and greenImage

Meanwhile a bar of soap is shaved to put in later


The neem leaves are strained out and removed


Add the soap shavings to the neem water and stir


Then you add shea butter (Beurre de karité) and stir


Let it cool down and then put it in bags, sensibilize, and sell!


The profit margin for Neem cream is very high, and only costs 550 FCFA (for about 35 small bags) to make. It’s a great Income generating activity, promotes good health, and helps to Stomp Out Malaria in Africa! Find more at


One response to “Malaria Month: Neem Cream

  1. Great job, Sara! I love the song and where was Neem Cream when I was in the Peace Corps? Moi aussi, je lutte contra le palu!

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