Soap Making in BF!

So one of my projects is working with the local AME (Association de Mères Educatrices which is like a PTA association). The AME is responsible for running the school cantine (cafeteria, mostly serving only beans and rice). When I told them that I knew how to make liquid soap, they were very interested, and mad a whopping 45 liters for 8 Mars. It’s a great income generating activity, although the profit margin is not particularly high. The ingredients especially the tansigex (the soap goop) is very expensive, but there are so many hygiene benefits. Villagers can use the soap to wash their hands, feet, dishes, house, and clothes!

This is how you do it

First you take a goop called tansagex and you whip it until it becomes whiteImageImage

Then you add 7.5 L of salt water goblet by goblet (cup by cup,) stir and then repeat the process with plain water.


Then you let the soap sit for 24 hours and add the scent (Mille Fleurs for this batch) and pigment/dye and stir


The completed soap is poured into bottles and then sold


Volià and that’s how we make liquid soap here in Burkina!Image



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