So You’re a Music Major…and you want to join the Peace Corps

I was sitting in my elementary/middle school methods class during junior year one morning in early February, 2010 . Our professor was explaining to us the current job market. He told us flat out that there were no music education jobs in our state and to have a backup plan. For the past three months, I had already been thinking about joining the Peace Corps. One of my swim teammates from my high school was serving in Madagascar, and I was following her blog. My professor’s statement was the impetus for me to go ahead and start the Peace Corps application that day.

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3 responses to “So You’re a Music Major…and you want to join the Peace Corps

  1. Hello from another music-ed-major turned Peace Corps volunteer!

    I graduated from C.W. Post in New York last year, with a focus on violin. Now I’m serving in Cambodia! And just like you, I have brought along some instruments. I brought a ukulele and an egg shaker with me. Then while I was here I purchased a cheap violin in the capital city. And my family in America has sent me 3 recorders and a melodica.

    Loved your article, and I think its cool that Peace Corps posted it. I’m glad that they are recognizing that Music Ed Majors make the best volunteers 🙂

    If we werent on completely different continents, I’d say we’d SO be getting together all the time to play chamber music and otherwise jam.

    Good luck and keep up the good work!
    Diana Broberg
    PC Cambodia K5

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