Sophomore Status

Personally I think that a fitting way to describe Stage is like being in high school. If you’ve gone through pre-service training you know what I mean. So now we are more or less Sophomores here in Burkina. G25 just wore in on Thursday (Congratulations!) and now there are 4 stages here in BF with one 4th year Health Volunteer, our Lovely 3rd years, Super Stage, Sexy Stage (See Tana, I’m using your proposed stage nickname) Our stage, which I like to call World Record Stage, and the new stage, which is apparently being called Baby stage. In high school and college situations, usually you have a year to shed your freshman status, but we only had 3 months. Less than two weeks after our stage (WRS) swore in, the new kids on the block showed up. As my dad said, we are all now sophomores. This seems even more evident because we are doing our In-Service training.
A quick run-down of inservice training – before I return to the rest of the post.
So you’ve been in your village for almost 3 months now…so what are you going to do?
SHOTS! (the medical kind).
How to do your Volunteer Reporting Forms!
More skits about safety and security!
We made two kinds of cheese!
More lesson plan review…
Talking with your counterpart
Creating an Action Plan
Figuring out what to do

So anyway, Baby Stage just affectated and now we are sophomores, but it’s still weird. BF stages in June and October because January-Feburary is too windy and March-April are too darn hot. I have to say, it’s awfully nice not spending 9 months as a freshman. I would not trade that for anything. Congrats again to the DABA and Health volunteers in G25 and I am so excited to meet the new volunteers in the OHG area!


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