My Village Miss List

It’s great being in Ouaga, I went to Burkina Pas Cher, our version of Bed Bath and Beyond, and I am eating amazing delicious food, but I miss village terribly. 


My miss list

I miss not having internet: The Internet in our hotel gives me a headache and I almost wish that we did not have it all because it is so slow.

I miss going to the latrine and having gravity remove the waste.

I miss boiling my water so that my bucket bath is perfect

I miss my cat

I miss cooking my own food

I miss sipping tea with my neighbors

I miss eating with my accoucheuse (midwife) and Nurse

I miss joking around with my major

I miss saying hello to everyone in Moore

I miss giving my number to the Boutiquier to put (unites) minutes on my phone in Moore

I miss biking around my village


I’ll be back en brousse in a couple of days, but as the cliché says “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”


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