Sara in Burkina FAQ

Q: So Sara, What’s your village like?

A: My village is made up of 2000 people, it is mostly Mossi, and the predominant religion is Islam. There are two primary schools and one middle school (CEG). We have an awesome auberge, and a “market” every three days.

Q: So Sara, when are you going to get an internet key? (Or the Internet on a more-regular basis)

A: As of right now my village does not have electricity, so even if I had a key, it would be difficult to charge my computer. Second, Internet is costly. Also, the network in my village is less than stellar, and the internet is super slow, for me it is much easier to go to a Cybercafe in my regional capital, however that means that I do not get to skype. But we have an awesome cyber there, and i should be able to find other methods of communication.

Q:I’m going to be in (Insert West African Country here) and I want to come visit you.

A:That’s great.  Ma Maison c’est ta maison! Go ahead and email my parents (on the contact page and they can get you my appropriate contact information.

Q: So Sara, you said that you sent me a letter, but it has not arrived yet.

A: Unfortunately the last time I tried to send letters to the US from Burkina Faso they were ALL returned. It looks like I have to send my letters with volunteers going back to visit the states.

Q: Speaking of which…When are you coming back to the US.

A: As of right now I do not know.I just finished my etude de milleu (community study) and gotsettled into site. I am currently at inservice training, and i’m probably not going to do any travelling until the summer. As soon as I do know I will let you know.

Q: So if you don’t have running water, where do you get it?

A: There’s a pump about 1k away, I pay my neightbors to pump it for me, and I get pump water. I do dishes in buckets, and I stay clean using bucket showers.

Q: What are your recommended resources on West African Countries?

A: The Rough Guide to West Africa, Lonely Planet West Africa, CIA World Factbook, other PCV Blogs.

Q: I want to apply to the Peace Corps! What should I do?

A: Awesome! First check out the website at and get in touch with a recruiter, they can help you find out which jobs you may qualify for.


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