Site Visite

So on Wednesday, I left to see my site for the first time. It is brand new, and I am the first trainee/volunteer to ever serve there. We had to get off at a bus stop and then bike 3k to the town, and then another 3k to my house. Seeing my house for the first time was incredible. I did not know what to expect, and when I opened the door I was shocked. 3 large rooms with high ceilings painted sky-blue, a huge courtyard, and a brand new shower/latrine. This was not what I was expecting…this house seems too big for me.
I met with the who’s who of the village, including the president and treasurer of the APE (equivalent of an American PTA) the veterinarian, who is going to help me find a vaccinated kitten, the second mayor, the prefect, the surveyant of the CEG (middle school) the Major of the CSPS (health center) the Sage Femme (village midwife who works at the CSPS), the Imam, the Pastor, and the head of the Catholic church. I got lost a bunch of times, and I even biked to see Tim, my fellow stagière to see his house and the market in his village. The Imam was kind enough to give me my own village name, Sarata (which is the Muslim form of the name Sara). Sleeping alone in my house was weird, it was basically empty with the exception of some plates, cups, a cot, and my bug hut. Now that I have seen my site, I cannot wait to go back in September and start my service!


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