Food in Burkina Faso

A tiékké –Cassava, Onions, Cucumber, with a vinagrette like couscous (Not officially Burkinabe but from Cote D’ivoire)
Brochettes – skewered spicy meat, most likely mutton
Benga – Beans and Rice
Riz Gras – African Fried Rice
Riz Sauce – Rice with sauce
Spaghetti – similar to American spaghetti but it could come with mystery meat
Couscous arabe – couscous with veggie sauce
Poulet yassa/sauce yassa – yellowy onion sauce
Tô – corn/red sorghum/white sorghum past with water
Sauce feuille – leaf sauce
Degge – yogurt with millet (sweet)
Karite – avocado like fruit – shea butter comes from the seeds
Weda – sour orange fleshy fruit
Citron – lemon/lime citrus
Judor – orangina type drink in BF
Youki – fruit drink in BF
Zoom koom – flour water, sort of like horchata
Bissap – hibiscus tea
Macaroni – with tomato sauce, possible fish/mystery meat
Samsa – fried bean cakes with piment
Gateau – doughnuts


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