Lack of Communication PSA

Hi All,

I leave for my training village in the next 48 hours and will become “adopted” into my host family for training. I have been informed that we will not have internet access. I repeat we will not have internet access in our training village. This means no facebook updates, blog posts, im capabilities, email, skype, etc.

I understand that some of you may be concerned because I am currently working/training in a developing country in Africa, and I am at high risk for diseases and other things but I will be fine. (I felt the same way about PCVs that I knew who were serving). We have a fantastic staff especially our safety/security and medical personnel. Please do not worry. If you want updates please feel free to contact my parents, or send them emails , and they would be happy to update you on my situation.

On a positive note, please feel free to call/text/write letters/send care packages. I will still be able to receive those while training.

Wend na Ko-d Nidaare (Until Next time in Mooré)

à toute à l’heure! (TTYL in French).


2 responses to “Lack of Communication PSA

  1. Sara!

    So happy for you that you are embarking on this new and sure to be life-changing experience. You are in my thoughts!!


  2. Mary Cay Sengstock

    Enjoy your great adventure! It doesn’t sound like you’re playing the viola much – you didn’t mention it at all!
    The kitties & I send our love & best wishes!

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