Burkina Faso – First Impressions

So it’s day 2.5 here in Ouagadougou! I am so glad that I am here. We are spoiled rotten. We have electricity, filtered water, flush toilets, real showers, and air conditioning!

My stage (training class) is awesome, and I absolutely adore our staff.

So, rewind….

Staging – basically like IAC pre-camp on steroids – 7 hours about the important PC regional stuff, skits, role-play, Q and A, itinerary, ice breakers, all that good stuff. Then we get yellow fever shots…no issues there.

Arrival in Burkina Faso – Burkina is dry, hot, but beautiful and green. Ouaga is not arid, and there are a lot of trees. IT IS SO HOT. My Michigan blood is not fully adjusted yet. Everyone is so nice, and I find that I am speaking a lot of Franglais. We even got to eat at our CD’s house, which was amazing. Today was super long and we had many interviews with our Language Coordinators (en Français bien sur!) our Medical Officers, and our Assistant Peace Corps Country Directors for Non-Formal education. The food is different, but we have been eating lots of American food like Burkinabé Pizza and Lasagna.  Oh, and mosquito nets are awesome. I so wish we had those at IAC, those would have saved me from so many itchy days and nights.

Well, that’s all I have for now. I love it here, it’s different, and it’s really hot, but Burkina is beautiful, the people are amazing, and every day is a new and exciting adventure!

a bientôt! (Until next time!)


One response to “Burkina Faso – First Impressions

  1. My advice if the mosquito net breaks (it will >.>) use duct tape 🙂 It seriously saves your life on everything….broken rucksack? duct tape. Blister? Tissue + duct tape. Broken shoe? Duct tape. Ripped clothes? Duct tape. Broken tent? Duct tape. Leaking bottle? Duct tape. Sprained ankle? DUCT TAPE (pre-shave necessary ;)). Just a few things I used it for hehe XD

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