Tomorrow Never Dies


This is the obligatory “The day before I leave post.” Those 4 pieces of luggage are what I will be living out of for the better part of 2 years until I can start receiving packages. I’m excited/nervous/tired, but I don’t think I am going to get much sleep.

I wanted to take a minute and acknowledge the huge amount of support from all of my friends, teachers, family, and even some of my students from my student teaching! I never take that for granted, and I hope that I make you all proud.

I had my last meal in Detroit tonight, Veal Marsala with rice pilaf and broccoli with a Chocolate Raspberry Cake. Everything is so surreal, and I am beyond stoked to meet the rest of our staging class in Philadelphia!

Good luck to all the other invitees, and hopefully on Saturday I will be in Ouagadougou!


One response to “Tomorrow Never Dies

  1. Louis Bergonzi

    I’n so excited for you. What an experience you’re going to have. “Oh the places you’ll go!!” travel safe, lb.

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