One Week to Go!

I leave next week. All I can say is wow. When you have so much invested in something, it still doesn’t feel real.

Oh yeah, and apologies for not blogging last week. It wasn’t particularly interesting.

I did a dry run for packing, and I am currently at 65 pounds which makes me really happy, I still have to feng-shui a few things and play tetris within my luggage to make everything fit. I’ll post my packing list later, but it’s really not too different than other West African Volunteers.

This past Memorial Day weekend I spent in Sarasota FL, visiting my 92-year-old Grandmother. It was bittersweet. I think that she does not exactly understand my reasons for joining the Peace Corps, but I know she is being supportive in her own way. I also read a fantastic book for any West-Africa bound PCT called “Monique and the Mango Rains” by Kris Holloway, who worked as a Midwife Assistant in Mali with the Peace Corps. As I turned each page I became more and more excited about going to Africa.

So I already have a few things I am planning to do for training including a Peace Corps rap…Perhaps we can get a poker game or a euchre game started. I haven’t played cards with people in such a long time. It seems that in the age of iPhones and Androids that no one really cares about those things anymore.

I picked out a viola that I am taking. It’s a half inch bigger, (16.5) but I still don’t have a name for it. Suggestions are welcome :-). I am also planning on taking my Online Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) test tomorrow to earn a TEFL certification. I also have to record some videos of me playing viola for my professor. I know all of you reading this blog are thinking, well Sara, you graduated, your grades are in…er….so why do you want to do this? I gave the man my word, and I really value the impact he has had on my collegiate experience. In short – there is so much to do before I leave

As of right now, my feelings are alternating between excited and nervous. Which is apparently normal. I mean, every other life change I have scoped everything out first and visited. I have never been to Africa, and I know everything is going to be new and different and exciting.


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