So, if you ask any of my friends at home or at school, they may say I am a little superstitious. I have a pair of lucky earrings….Anyway, I graduate in 9 days, and I leave to go back to Detroit the next day. Right now I am studying for 3, yes 3 finals. Music History, Astronomy:Stars and Galaxies, and World Religions. I’m not particularly concerned, but I still want to do the best that I can.

However, this means that I have to put many things on hold. This is the current train of thought in my brain right now. CORPS…study study study.

People in the BF facebook group have already bought stuff…there is honestly no point rushing to buy stuff now when I am leaving for Detroit in 10 days.

I also subscribe to the following superstitions…
I don’t want to make big purchases before I get my staging email with more details. In the Jewish faith, there is a superstition about not having a baby shower before the baby is born, because if God forbid something happened, then you would be stuck with all of this baby stuff.

The last thing I want to do is to spend a ton of money and then find out that something may delay our trip, and I am stuck with all of this gear…

I’m also interested in planning some sort of going away party, but I do not want to finalize the date until I get my staging information…

And now back to studying…


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